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"1931"  Deal, New Jersey
"1931" Deal, New Jersey

Always Buying And Paying Up To $3000.00
 For Lures Made By These Companies & Individual's:

Striper "X-Pert"
Point Jude Baits
So-Co Lures
Snook Bait Co.
Surf Tackle Co.
Ferron Fishing Products
Emmerson & Ruhren Co.
J. & H. Tackle Co.
Chas. Russo
Kenden Products Co. 
Lido Lures  
Howards "Jet" Plugs
Charles Murat 
Jerry Sylvester
Cap'n Bill's
Creek Chub
Stan Gibbs
Floyd Roman
Norris Hobby Shop 
Atom Mfg. Co.
Hicky-Do Bait Co.
J. & J. Tackle Co.
Drake Tackle Co. 
Fuller Bros.
E.& E. Tackle Co.
Blue Streak Tackle Co.
Braidwood Stamp Co.
Woolner Bros.
Bernie Myers
Norman Oldfield
Roy Whitehead
Tide Runner Surf Casting Co.
Kris' Conn. Yankee
Whaling City Tackle
Bass Bomb Bait Co.
L. Cooper & Co. Inc.
Jac-Pot Lures
K & M Tackle Co.
J.T. O'Connell 
Rinehart Tackle Co.
Paddy's Champion Poppers
The Mity Atom
E.H Borg
Bill Addeo
Nick Kuzin 
Charles Heddon
Joe Tartorie
Tom Fergus
***And Many More***

Paying Up To $500.00
For Pictures Of Striped Bass Catches,
Beach Buggies, Fishing Clubs, Tackle Shops, Party Boats, Charter Boats, Etc.

Paying Up To $300.00
For Pinbacks of Fishing Clubs,
Tournament Buttons, Awards, Etc.

 Paying Up To $100.00
For Postcards Deplicting Surf Fishing Scenes,
 Fishing Clubs, Tackle Shops, Etc.

If You Have Any Type Of
Surf Fishing / Striped Bass Memorabila:
Tin Squid / Sinker Mold's
Eel Skin Rig's
Sand Spikes

~ It Would Be Wise ~
~  To Contact Me Before You Sell ~

About Appraisals.......

  Prices of antique fishing tackle fluctuate with the economy, just as stocks, bonds, interest rates, other antiques, etc., do ....... Although this is just a hobby for me, I probably spend more time each week at collecting tackle than I spend at my job. I pride myself in making very accurate appraisals, and am known to pay well above an items value if it will fit into my collection. I have been collecting for many years and have dealt with many satisfied sellers, buying one item or entire estates.
                                 Tom Clayton

Phone: 732-233-0613

  If you have a lure or box, etc. that you are considering selling and already see it posted on this site. Please contact me, I am always looking to upgrade lures / boxes in my collection, it may just fit in.

~  Special Nights Are Long Remembered ~
~ Special Nights Are Long Remembered ~


Wanted, Pinbacks, Buttons & Awards
~ Wanted, Pinbacks, Buttons & Awards ~

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