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Cuttyhunk Island, Mass./ Photo Courtesy Of John Basil
Cuttyhunk Island, Mass. / Photo Courtesy Of John Basil

~ Antique Saltwater Lures; A Brief History ~

   At the turn of the century in New England, there were a very limited number of saltwater surf fishermen. Most striped bass fishermen at this time believed the fish were strictly bottom feeders and could only be caught on "bait". There were those though who knew better, they started making and fishing with tin squids [metal lures] and doodlebugs / bugs [lead bucktails]. But, still in keeping with the thought that striped bass were solely bottom feeders; they fished them deep or as close to the bottom as possible.
   During this same time period in Florida there was something very special going on; saltwater fishermen were using freshwater lures to catch spotted trout, tarpon, barracuda, etc. Casting east with lures was considered the only way to fish by many of the southern sharpies of the time. By the 1920's many of the freshwater lure makers were now also manufacturing saltwater models. 
   The word spread up the coast to "New England's" striped bass fishermen and they started experimenting with the lures being produced at the time. Many found they could catch fish in all levels of the water column while using these baits. By the mid 1930's there were individuals making their own versions of the freshwater and saltwater lures in larger sizes, with stronger hooks and hardware. Some even started to "thru" wire their lures for added strength.
   A new era in surf fishing had begun. But, it was short lived. The country was being thrown into the turmoil of World War II and saltwater fishing had taken a back seat. The war effort also made materials such as hooks, wire, etc. used in the manufacture of lures to become increasingly hard to obtain.
  With the war now over, there was a massive surge of people looking for new recreational activities. There was great interest and participation in surf fishing, especially for striped bass. Up and down the coast of New England, bait & tackle shops opened, sometimes two or three in a town. With the great influx of people striper fishing it didn't take long before those few ingenious individuals who started making lures before the war and others capitalized on the situation. This period of time in later years became known as the  "Golden Age of Surf Fishing", it lasted until the early 1960's. On the following pages you will get to view some of the lures that were produced during this time.......   

~ Pier Fish ~
~ Pier Fish ~

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 Needless to say, I am always looking for lures or boxes  manufactured by the companies and individuals listed below for my collection. For a thorough list of my wants; Please visit my "Contact Me" page.
 It is very hard to do research on these companies and individuals; as most were very small operations. If you have any information on the ones I have listed here or others and would like to share it. Please feel free to contact me anytime; no matter how slight the information may seem.

 Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated
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Striper "X-Pert"

Jerry Sylvester

J. & H. Tackle Co.


Howard's "Jet" Plugs

Floyd Roman

E.B Norris

Cap'n Bill's

Atom Mfg. Co.

J. & J. Tackle Co.


E.& E. Tackle Co.

Blue Streak Tackle Co.

Lido Lures

Emmerson & Ruhren Co.

Kenden Products Co.

Chas. Russo

Snook Bait Co.

Ferron Fishing Products

Surf Tackle Co.

Creek Chub Bait Co.

Stan Gibbs

Misc. Companies & Makers

Modern Lure Makers [ 1970 - Present ]

The pages below are either new or being given a facelift..............

Bass Bomb Bait Co.

Bernie Myers

Braidwood Stamp Co.

Bucktails / Tin Squids

Charles Heddon

Charles Murat

Connecticut Yankee


Ebb Lure

Eel Skin / Rig's / Jig's

E.H. Borg


Fuller Bros.

Hicky-Do Bait Co.

K & M Tackle Company

L. Cooper & Co. Inc.

Martin Lure Co.

Paddy's Champion Popper


Point Jude Bait Co.

Rinehart Tackle Co.

Tide Runner Surf Casting Co.

Whaling City Tackle

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